3 Common AC Problems & How to Solve Them

The temperature’s rising. Odds are your car’s A/C is working overtime as you drive home from work. Perhaps you sit in your car for five or ten minutes in your driveway because you’re dreading going into your home since you know your A/C won’t be able to keep up with the rising temperatures. There aren’t many things worse than a hot, uncomfortable home. So, what is there to do? If you require AC repair, then choose B & G Air Conditioning.

All Machines Require Maintenance

Since air conditioners are machines, they require maintenance and upkeep in order to work effectively and efficiently. But, like all machines, air conditioners are fallible. Even if you keep your AC unit well maintained, it will eventually falter and require profound repairs or, in some cases, replacement. We’ve outlined a few of the most common AC repairs below. If you notice these or if your AC unit simply isn’t cutting it, then give B & G Air Conditioning a call.

A Dirty Filter

A lot of air goes through your air conditioner. This air tends to carry small bits of dirt, debris, and other impurities. Filters are set in place in order for the AC to not push dirty air throughout your home. As beneficial as filters are, they can become dirty and will cause your AC to not work as efficiently as it should. Thankfully, a dirty filter can easily be replaced and your AC will be back in working order in no time!

A Finicky Thermostat

We all may take our thermostats for granted. You set the temperature you want and the AC unit does the rest. But if your thermostat stops working, so will your AC unit. It’s like if a circus lost its ring leader. The tiger will just sit in its cage, not doing anything. Thankfully, much like replacing a dirty air filter, a thermostat can easily be fixed as well.

A Failing Compressor or Burned Out Capacitors

The pieces within the AC unit can also require repairs. The compressor, for instance, is responsible for supplying energy to the refrigerant. If it isn’t working, your AC unit won’t be able to cool your home. Similarly enough, the capacitors are responsible for providing power to the motors and fans within the AC unit. If a capacitor burns out, then the entire AC unit will be affected and it won’t work at all.

Let B & G Air Conditioning Help, Today!

If your AC unit isn’t working, let B & G Air Conditioning help you keep your cool! Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to help.


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