ac installation in el paso

AC Installation in El Paso

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Since the temperature in the Southwest tends to err on the warm side, air conditioners have their work cut out for them when keeping buildings comfortable and cool year-round. A faulty AC unit, or one that’s outdated, will not work as efficiently as it’s meant to. If it’s time to replace your AC unit, choose a reputable team that stands behind every installation. The B&G Air Conditioning team provides all the necessary services to guarantee your new AC unit will work effectively.

What to Expect from AC Installation

Many different factors are at play when it comes to installing a new air conditioning unit. The first topic that must be discussed is the size of the unit. Not all air conditioning systems are the same. One may be perfect for a small, three-bedroom home while the same system would not work for a commercial space.

Know the Size You Need

In order to choose the right size, one must first understand how AC units are measured. The amount of heat—in tons—removed from a home or business is what is used to measure AC units. A one-ton unit can remove up to 12,000 BTUs. The size of your home or business dictates the size of unit you’ll require. The bigger the building, the more powerful the AC unit needs to be.


Professional AC Installation Services in El Paso and the Southwest

Now that you know the size, it’s time to seek professional AC installation services. Properly installing an air conditioning unit requires patience and expertise in order for the unit to work as efficiently as it’s meant to. Going the do-it-yourself route may be more affordable but unless you know exactly what you’re doing, the results may not be substantial. It’s best to go the professional route and hire an experienced team to do the hard work for you.

What to Do Once Your New AC Unit is Installed

Now that your new AC unit is up and running, it’s time to make preventative maintenance a habit in order to protect your investment. Your unit will work hard year-round. B&G Air Conditioning can provide regular maintenance in order to make sure your unit is working efficiently, providing the most comfortable environment possible.