blown insulation in el paso texas

Your El Paso Team Providing Blown Insulation Services

Blown-in insulation (also known as “blown insulation”) is beneficial for homes and businesses in the El Paso area for a variety of reasons.

This insulation option is more efficient and easier to install than other choices. On top of that, blown insulation is also a great investment for home and business owners alike. Since attic insulation is required, by national code, to be a minimum of R-30, B&G Air Conditioning can test the current insulation to determine whether your home or business meets the national code standards. We can also add insulation to allow your building to meet the code requirements.

Benefits Provided by Blown Insulation

As far as home improvement goes, blown insulation is able to provide many benefits all at an affordable cost. Best of all, insulation is very easy to install. In just a few hours, your home or business will begin to reap in the benefits provided by insulation. Some of the most common benefits include the following:

Makes buildings more efficient by stopping air leaks from occurring in your attic.

Protects buildings from mold, odor, or rot due to the insulation’s moisture resistant qualities.

Reduces the risk of fires due to the material’s fire suppression capabilities.

Savings and Tax Credits

On top of the energy efficient benefits, blown insulation also yields benefits in the form of savings and tax credits. Since the insulation creates an air-tight environment, air conditioned air won’t leak through any cracks. This will allow your building’s HVAC system to run efficiently and reduce energy use.

By adding insulation to your home or business, you may qualify for energy tax credits. Our team will gladly perform a complete assessment of your building in order to determine what it requires.


Fiberglass Insulation: The Best Option for El Paso’s Homes and Businesses

The most popular choice is fiberglass blown insulation. This option is used in both residential and commercial construction. It works as thermal and acoustical insulation. Fiberglass insulation is strategically designed for pneumatic installation in open attic areas and for retrofitting enclosed side wall and floor/ceiling construction assemblies.

The product is non-combustible, non-corrosive and odor free. It contains no chemicals to cause mildew and fungus growth, contains no formaldehyde, provides no sustenance for vermin, contains no asbestos, won’t rot or decay and won’t absorb moisture. It’s easy to see why fiberglass insulation is the go-to choice for homes and businesses alike.