commercial rooftop with various ac units

Commercial Heating and Cooling Services for El Paso Businesses

Maintaining a comfortable environment is necessary for businesses of all sizes to thrive.

In order to achieve this, light commercial HVAC applications must be running as efficiently as possible. Failing to do so will result in higher energy costs and less comfortable temperatures indoors. B&G Air Conditioning provides commercial heating and cooling services to assist businesses with all their light commercial HVAC application needs. We will assist you from the installation process to service and customer care.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Boosts Performance

Office and commercial buildings make use of high amounts of energy in order to keep the indoor temperatures comfortable and cool for clients and employees alike. It’s no surprise, then, that HVAC systems hold the distinction of being the biggest energy consumers in the average commercial building. By properly maintaining commercial HVAC systems, business owners can greatly reduce the amount of energy used by the equipment.

An Outline of Our Commercial Heating and Cooling Services

Both the outdoor and indoor components of the commercial heating and cooling unit require regular preventative maintenance service in order to work at optimal performance levels. The outdoor components require regular inspections. Coils, cabinets, drain pans, condensate lines, fan motors and blades are some of the components that require the most maintenance and upkeep. Indoor HVAC components require cleaning and inspection maintenance.

In some instances, replacement may be necessary as well. Apart from the indoor and outdoor components, the air filters must also be checked and changed if need be. Not only will clean filters will allow the components to work as efficiently as possible, they will also allow cleaner air to flow through the air vents. In fact, when clean air runs through a commercial HVAC system, the energy consumption may decrease by up to 15%.


Further HVAC Maintenance Checks

Commercial thermostats must also be programmed at the beginning of the heating season and cooling season, respectively. This will ensure the HVAC unit will be running when it needs to be and off when it’s not required. Periodic system checks are also necessary and should be performed on a monthly basis. Thermostat operation, drip pan and drain lines require regular inspection. Preventative maintenance checks will ensure the entire commercial HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible.

The Importance of Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Since commercial buildings use so much energy, HVAC services are crucial in order to curb energy consumption and increase efficiency. Establishing a customized service plan will ensure the HVAC system will running smoothly year-round. This will also help business owners by preventing future issues or catch maintenance faults early on.