Common Commercial Heating and Cooling Issues

commercial heating and cooling unitsWhen it comes to commercial HVAC, it can be hard to keep up with maintenance and regular checks. However, this is one of the leading causes of problems with commercial heating and cooling problems. It is important to take proper care of commercial systems to ensure the comfort of your El Paso business. Whether you own an office building or retail center, HVAC care is vital. The last thing you want is to lose a day of business because of problems with either the heating or cooling system. We have listed the common problems that crop up in commercial systems.

Thermostat Problems

All too often, people assume right away that the trouble is with the heating and cooling system. However, sometimes the problem might actually be the thermostat. If your employees bring jackets to work in the summer and turn on fans in the winter, you may want to have your thermostat looked at. The thermostat regulates how much cold or hot air is blown into a room and for how long. If it is not reading temperatures properly you could have a problem with the comfort of your office or store.

A Lack of Maintenance

As mentioned before, a lack of maintenance is one of the leading causes of malfunctioning commercial HVAC systems. The best thing you can do to prolong the lifespan of your units and keep them functioning properly is conduct annual maintenance. A technician will conduct an inspection and catch any issues before they become breakdowns. Another common problem that comes from a lack of maintenance is clogged filters. An annual inspection will include changing out filters, cleaning grime and lubricating parts. Regularly changing filters will also help your system run more smoothly and cut down on energy costs.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerated air conditioners use refrigerant to maintain cool temperatures. A common sign of leaking refrigerant is the air conditioner blowing warm air. If the leak is especially bad it can lead to adverse reactions with your employees. This can included irritated eyes and ears, headaches, nausea and coughing. If you suspect a refrigerant leak you should call an expert to fix the problem right away.

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