Don’t Get Caught in the Cold – Find Heater Services Before Winter!

Technician providing heater repair services to a gas furnaceMid- September in El Paso doesn’t really feel like the beginning of Fall. With the weather still hovering in the lower 90’s and upper 80’s, the last thing on most homeowner’s minds is their heating system. However, we tend to forget that the cold creeps up on the Sun City quickly, and we tend to count on our heaters to turn on when we need them. There is nothing worse than trying to turn on your heater only to hear weird sounds, smell weird smells, or, even worse- it doesn’t turn on. That’s why you should find heater repair services to do a maintenance check on your heater so that you are prepared for anything.

Why is Maintenance Important for My Heater?

Like any appliance, you heater works better when you take care of them. Before the summer begins, you check your AC filters, change them, etc.. The same should be done with your heater. Maintenance is necessary because it can catch problems. At B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating, our experts can inspect your heater and make sure that everything is in working order. Most heating systems use gas, which means if your heater has problems, it can potentially be dangerous to you and your family.

What Potential Problems Would Need Heater Repair Services?

Do you know the lifespan of your heater? Most units today last anywhere from 16 to 20 years. So if you don’t remember how old your furnace is, it may be time for more than heater repair services. Our experts can gauge how efficient your heater is and advise you as to whether you should replace it or not.

When it comes to problems your heater may have, they can affect you more than you think. A good piece of advice is to try to turn your heater on before the cold weather hits and make some observations.

  • Does it make weird or strange sounds when you turn it on? Don’t assume it’s just waking up after a long summer. Strange sounds are never a good sign, so find heater repair services as soon as possible.
  • Do you smell weird smells? Your air ducts have been used all summer long. While older units may give off a smell as the dust disperses or burns off, a continued weird smell is never a good sign. If you smell sulfur, get your family out of your home and call your local gas services.
  • Observe your pilot light. Does it stay yellow instead of blue? That can be a sign that carbon monoxide is seeping from your heater. If this happens, turn it off immediately and find heater repair services right away. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, so don’t risk your health or your family’s.

Contact B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating for Help

When it comes to heater repair services, you want to make sure you get the best help available. Our experts are well versed in both heater maintenance and heater repair, so you can be sure your family will be snug, warm, and safe this winter. Don’t take the chance that something you don’t even know is wrong hurting your family. Contact us today to ensure your heater is ready for the season!

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