Why El Paso Homeowners Should Consider Blown Insulation

a worker using blown insulation in an atticIf your home feels uncomfortably cold, even when the heater is running, poor insulation may be to blame. When it comes to insulation, blown insulation is the most popular option available. If you require blown insulation services, choose B&G Air Conditioning. Our service gives home and business owners the ability to stop air leaks from happening in their buildings, thus leading to a more comfortable indoor temperature. Blown insulation may seem like overkill here in El Paso but it’s a very beneficial option, especially for those who want to cut down their energy usage. But how exactly does blown insulation work? Continue reading to find out!

Why Blown Insulation is The Best Option for Homeowners in El Paso

Insulation is placed in the attic of homes in order to provide an extra layer of protection to the home. With insulation, air leaks will be greatly reduced. The attic is often forgotten about. But when you see your winter energy bill, you might be surprised at the sudden increase in cost. More often than not, a poorly insulated attic is to blame.

As far as insulation goes, blow insulation is by far the best and most efficient option. Batt insulation is another option (which look like large swaths of fiberglass) but blown insulation is able to conform to the shape of your attic (or whichever spot you want to be insulated) because it comes out of a blower. Once your attic gets insulated, you’ll be able to reap the energy saving rewards! In fact, blown insulation can seal more tightly, leading to more benefits. Apart from saving homeowners on their energy consumption (by creating a more insulated indoor environment), blown insulation also offers soundproofing and fire resistance.

Benefit From Energy Efficient Tax Cuts!

The benefits don’t stop there. If you get blown insulation, you can qualify for certain federal tax cuts. These energy tax credits translate to 10% of expenditures which can be up to $500 for the year. This lifetime credit can be combined with many other energy improvements. So, if you want to reap in the rewards, you can make your home as energy efficient as possible! B&G Air Conditioning proudly provides many energy efficient HVAC options to homeowners in the El Paso area. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help make your home as energy efficient as possible.

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