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Your El Paso Indoor Air Quality Service Team

In today’s day and age, buildings are tightly sealed and well insulated, much more than ever before.

Although this building practice provides its fair share of positive benefits, it can also cause the air inside the building to be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Many home and business owners may not realize this since the idea of air pollution tends to connect to images of smoke stacks and exhaust pipes spewing out black smoke. In reality, the air inside a home or business can be much more polluted than you’ve ever thought possible! If you’re in the El Paso area, choose B&G Air Conditioning for indoor air quality services.

Air Filtration Products:

Remove contaminants such as pollen, mold and pet dander that aggravate allergies.


Properly control humidity for personal comfort and to protect furniture and wood floors while reducing static electricity that damages electronics.

Fresh Air Ventilators:

Remove cooking, pet and chemical odors by expelling them to the outdoors.

Ultra Violet Lights:

Kill airborne microbial growth of mold, bacteria and viruses throughout your home, ductwork and cooling coils.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Protect your family from this silent killer.

Zoning and Programmable Thermostats:

Keep each area of your home at the proper comfort level to meet your preference.

Why It’s Important

The quality of indoor air can suffer for a variety of reasons. If not tended to, the unhealthy indoor air can lead to unhealthy scenarios and even death. In order to make sure the air inside a building is clean and safe, home and business owners must opt for indoor air quality services. This is the best way to avoid any negative outcomes. Carbon monoxide, for instance, is colorless and odorless which makes detecting it incredibly difficult. This gas can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Toxic amounts of the gas can also lead to death. Since buildings are so well-insulated, these deadly gases have a better chance of remaining within the building, leading to highly unhealthy and unsafe environments. B&G Air Conditioning provides all-encompassing indoor air quality care