Maintaining Your Heater During Winter

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Even in a city as hot as El Paso, we tend to use our heaters quite often throughout the winter, which can have a dramatic impact on your energy consumption. Fortunately, there are several methods, including those from the Department of Energy,  you can use to save on energy, even with using your heater for extended periods of time.

Tip #1: Seal Up Drafty Windows

You never know which window is letting in the cold draft that causes your heater to run and run. You can cover them up with a clear plastic sheet or tape, both of which can be applied to the frames of your windows to invisibly cover all of the drafty areas. This prevents cold air from coming inside and you from having to run your heater unnecessarily.

Tip #2: Seal Drafts in Other Places

Your windows aren’t the only places in your home letting in cold air. Your chimney, recessed lights, and any unfinished spaces can all be letting cold air in as well. This can easily be touched up with some caulk to prevent unwanted cold air from entering your home, thus lowering your energy consumption and monthly bill.

Tip #3: Optimize Your Fireplace to Save Heat

A lot of heat can be lost through your fireplace. When you aren’t using it, you should ensure the damper is closed. If you never use the fireplace, you could always have it sealed so you can have efficient heating and cooling all year long. If you do use your fireplace regularly and don’t want to seal it completely, you can have a heat exchanger installed that reverts warm air back into your home when the fireplace isn’t in use.

Tip #4: Get Your Heater Maintained Regularly

By getting maintenance performed on your heater regularly, you can ensure your heater will work more efficiently, saving you a ton of energy and its associated costs. It can also help prevent you from needing heater repair while also ensuring your home has efficient heating and cooling.

Efficient Heating and Cooling Services in El Paso

B&G Air Conditioning in El Paso offers HVAC services that can help you maintain an efficient heating and cooling system in your home. El Paso’s winters may be mild, but having a heater that works properly and preparing your home for the cold winter months can help make your home more efficient. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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