My Heater Went Out! What Should I Do?

heating issues

It’s inconvenient. It’s disruptive. And it can be a safety hazard. Whether it’s the first time this has happened or you can vividly recall another occasion where you were throwing layer upon layer to keep warm. When the heater in your home goes out during a cold El Paso night it can do more than make you shiver. Your children won’t be able to sleep and you’ll be scrambling to find any solution to make everyone warm.

If your heater has currently gone out or you’re simply preparing, here’s a breakdown of what you should do:   

Check to See if Your Neighbors are Having the Same Issue.

All it takes is a quick glance to see if the lights in your neighbor’s home are on. If they are, there is a great chance that they are also dealing with the same issue. When the heating goes out in the neighboorhood, this means that a circuit breaker may have given out or a fuse has blown out. Check your electrical panel to see if that is the case.   

Report the Outage to Your Power Company.

If a fuse or circuit has given out, it’s time to call your power company. Inform them of the outage. Generally, depending on how many other neighborhoods are experiencing the same problem, they will send someone out to work on the problem within an hour or more. During that time, make sure that your children are wearing enough layers to keep warm and unplug the appliances around your home — this will prevent any spikes from occurring when the power turns back on. Also, avoid opening your fridge and freezer. In most cases, refrigerator food will be safe for 4 hours and 48 hours for food in the freezer.

Avoid Using Heating Sources Inside Intended for the Outside.

Even if it’s extremely cold, do not use barbecue grills, Kerosene heaters, camp stoves, or any other device that may be powered by gasoline. These items pose as a fire hazard. Instead, add layers to your body, wear mittens, and snuggle up with your pets. While it may feel like a stressful situation, use this time to reconnect with your family. Light some candles and tell stories or play a game. The heater will eventually turn back on and life, as you knew it before the lack of a working heater, will resume.  

Call in the Professionals.

A faulty heater is problematic on many levels. It’s always best to have it inspected by a professional who can tackle any heating issue with ease. When your heater gives out, call in the specialists at B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll be able to assess the problem and correct it right away. Give us a call today.

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