Prepare for Spring With a New AC Installation

Trees and plants in El Paso are already starting to bud. With spring finally arriving in El Paso, it is now time to get a new AC installation taken care of. You can beat the heat and prepare for the hot days ahead by installing that air conditioner now while the weather is mild. Whether you want to make the switch to refrigerated air or want to stick to evaporative cooling, our expert technicians at B & G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating can help.

Making the Switch to Refrigerated Air

If your AC installation will entail switching to refrigerated air, then you will reap many great benefits. The quality of the air in your home will improve, allergy sufferers may find relief, and your home will always be the right temperature. A refrigerated unit doesn’t pull air from outside like an evaporative unit (which also colloquially known as swamp coolers.) This is good news for your family members who suffer from allergies. You also have the ability to set your thermostat at your desired temperature and then let the unit do its job.

Sticking With Your Swamp Cooler

Oftentimes, homeowners will decide to stick to their swamp cooler. Most often this decision is based on budget. The cost of an AC installation for an evaporative cooler can be three times less. Swamp coolers are simply less expensive and they use less energy to run as well. When it comes to maintenance, an evaporative unit may have more issues but fixes are generally easy. Yearly maintenance and regularly changing out filters will keep a swamp cooler in tip-top shape.

Now is the Time for Change

If you are in need of a new unit, don’t wait until the last minute to make the call. When you switch out your faulty unit during mild weather, you can also beat the summer rush and get quick service.

New AC Installation

Whether you want a refrigerated AC installation or swamp cooler replacement, the technicians at B & G Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating proudly offer prompt, reliable service. We can visit your property, conduct a full inspection, and suggest the right unit for your home. We have plenty of special offers as well to help our customers save on services. Contact us today for more information!


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