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These days, El Paso is experiencing record-breaking heat with the highs topping in at 100° and above. The need for a more efficient cooling system has never been more obvious. With so many El Pasoans ditching their swamp coolers for the modern comfort of refrigerated air, it’s time to jump on board! The team at B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating is prepared to make your refrigerated air conversion as smooth as possible. In no time, you’ll be sitting back enjoying the cool air and wondering why you didn’t convert sooner.

Benefits of Converting to Refrigerated Air

If you currently have a swamp cooler or evaporative cooling system, the benefits you’ll experience when you switch to a new refrigerated air system will feel like night and day. One of the first things you’ll notice about refrigerated air is how quickly and efficiently a room is cooled. Beyond efficiency, refrigerated air requires less maintenance and an increase in security, since you’ll no longer have to leave your windows open.

Other benefits of converting to refrigerated air include:

  • Complete Control. You’ll experience perfectly cool air at the temperature of your preference as well as the ability to maintain cool air no matter the outdoor conditions, such as humidity.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. With a filtered air system, the air indoors will be cleaner, which means less trouble for allergy sufferers with seasonal allergies.
  • Less Water Waste. Swamp coolers require a significant amount of water; refrigerated air systems use substantially less water.
  • Convenience. Imagine switching from cool to warm air with a flip of a switch. For those random cooler or warmer days, you can go back forth without the need to make any changes to your system.

Types of Cooling Systems: How to Decide Which Is Right For You

Choosing the best type of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can be complicated but don’t worry, we’ll help answer your most pressing questions and guide you in the right direction. The types of cooling systems to choose from include:

  • Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. Central air conditioners and heat pumps are intended to cool or warm the entire house. Each system has a large compressor unit located outside that drives the process. The refrigerant cools air distributed throughout the house through the ducts.
  • Room Air Conditioners. Room air conditioners can be mounted in windows or through walls with the compressor located outside. Room air conditioners are designed to cool the room in which they’re located, meaning you may need one for each room in your house. Individual units can cost less to buy than central systems.

The Process of Converting to Refrigerated Air

When you contact B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating for a refrigerated air conversion, we’ll first want to understand your needs for a refrigerated air system. Questions you’ll want to consider include:

  • What are my concerns with efficiency?
  • What am I looking for in a system? Improved air quality, cooler air, greater dispersion of air, and so forth.

The first step in converting a swamp cooler or evaporative cooling system to refrigerated air is a comprehensive home evaluation by one of our HVAC professionals. We first want to fully understand what is required to correctly convert your home to refrigerated air conditioning.

The next step will involve evaluating your existing ductwork to determine if your current system can handle the needs of a central air conditioning system. Additionally, we’ll examine the electrical system to make sure your air conditioner will function properly. Based on our assessment, we’ll inform you what additional work is required to have a reliable, full-functioning refrigerated air conditioner.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Most refrigerated air conversions can take up to two days. Based on the amount and type of units you need, which ultimately depends on your home or office’s square footage, we’ll provide you with a timeline for completion. As your refrigerated air company in El Paso, we provide options that meet every type of timeline and budget.

Why Choose B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating? We Make Refrigerated Air Conversions Seamless

There are numerous air conditioning companies to choose from in El Paso but only one who will provide you with superior service and affordable rates. B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating has provided reliable, quality service to the El Paso and Doña Ana counties for more than fourteen years. Each one of our technicians and installers is trained and certified to perform residential and commercial refrigerated air conversions. In addition to our qualifications, we ensure that you have the full details upfront. We’ll never hit you with any surprises and you can expect us to deliver exactly what we promise.


Contact Your Trusted Refrigerated Air Company in El Paso Today

Converting to refrigerated air is one of the best things you can do for your home or business. Your family or employees will certainly notice the difference. To learn more about refrigerated air conversions, connect with B&G Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating today. Our team is ready to assist you!