The Refrigeration Revolution: How Refrigerated Air is Taking Over the Borderland

It would be rare to walk into a home, a restaurant, or a place of business today without it having adequate heating and cooling systems. About 84 % of homes have air conditioning and the unit is more common in U.S homes than is a garage or dishwasher. Lest we forget that at some point in time, people lived without these commodities and would withstand similar temperatures using other means to stay cool, presumably by fanning themselves and jumping into pools.

The Cooling Begins

In the late 1800s,  people like Dr. John Gorrie of Florida began to suspect that high temperatures brought the spread of disease and caused health problems among the population. It was not until the early 1900s that the preliminary technologies to improve air conditioning began in the United States. Enter the electric fan. Once this simple invention waltzed into our lives, people began to get other ideas and improve upon the concept.

Our lives today changed because the pages of a magazine were suffering unpleasant wrinkles. So the story goes that a Willis Carrier was tasked with solving a problem that was becoming a real nuisance for Sackett-Wilhelms. They were having trouble keeping the pages of the publication from wrinkling up due to humidity levels in the air. Carrier tackled the problem by controlling humidity in the air by using cooling coils and secured a patent for his “Apparatus for Treating Air” which was able to humidify or dehumidify.

Then Nikola Tesla comes in to save the day and made possible the invention of oscillating fans in the early 20th century. Thanks to the use of electricity the concept of using these fans to cool the internal temperatures went even further. Once a compressor was added to Carrier’s original cooling coil ideas it was implemented for the first time in public in the Rivoli Theater in New York, where hundreds of moviegoers would soon flock to escape the heat of the summer.

El Paso Weather

El Paso, TX and the surrounding area are located on the Chihuahuan Desert and in the westernmost tip of the state of Texas. The Rio Grande River runs through the area, but the weather is consistently dry year round with only about 11 inches of rain per year and 297 sunny days. Many El Pasoans have maintained a traditional swamp cooler system in their home for years, thinking that the transition to refrigerated air was not worth the investment or the time. As technology has evolved, however, the transition is becoming more and more common for people in the Southwest as the savings are proving themselves worthy.

The energy savings could be high enough that for some time and up to 2007, the city offered a tax credit to those who transitioned to refrigeration in an attempt to curb water usage. The program ran for six years and after 10, 329 rebates of $300 the program ran out of funding but certainly helped kickstart a craze over refrigeration in the borderland. After that, people began talking about the savings, the costs, and the word began to spread. There is more than monetary benefits to refrigerated air of course. Part of the appeal or refrigerated air is that it cleans up and improves the air quality. It doesn’t let in allergens and dust that traditional AC units bring in. This means you breathe better and you don’t have to go around your house dusting every day.

About fifteen or so years ago, refrigerated air was about four times the cost. Today it costs one-half to a third less to operate. This helps the initial investment seem a lot less painful. In 2019, refrigerated air is more accessible and more affordable than ever, particularly because of the large push for water conservation and energy efficiency. The high demand has lowered costs and this means an opportunity to get your cooling system to the next level.

Choose the Right Company for Your Air Quality and Comfort

Upgrading to refrigerated air is not just about comfort and convenience; it is also about your health. We all know that El Pasoans suffer from allergies, as the windy season and the dry air carries plenty of pollen and allergens in its midst. B&G Mechanical can help you evaluate the best choice for your summer months this year. Whether you are looking to convert to refrigerated air or you want to keep your swamp cooler working as best as possible, we are here to keep things cool for you.

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