Why Spring is the Best Time for New AC Installations

Air conditioner unitWith the trees budding and flowers beginning to bloom, spring is arriving soon in El Paso. If you are planning on getting a new AC installation done, now is the perfect time. Waiting any longer can mean that you and your family will have to endure a few hot days while the installation is underway. Instead of faring the El Paso heat, be sure to get your installation taken care of so you don’t have to worry. You can be prepared for the El Paso summer weather with a new AC properly installed with the right timing.

What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to know about a new AC installation is the fact that each AC is different. A technician can visit your home and determine what size you need. This will typically depend on the size and floorplan of your home. Air conditioning units are measured in a unique way. The amount of heat the unit removes, measured in tons, is what the measurement is based on. Obviously, the bigger your home the bigger the unit you will need. A technician will also take a look at your ductwork to ensure the current system can sustain an AC installation. If new ductwork is needed your technician will let you know before conducting any work.

Improve Air Quality Along With a New AC Installation

If you are considering getting a new AC installation you may also want to think about improving the air quality in your home. This can include duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies these services can be a big help. This can be especially helpful if your ducts have not been cleaned in years. You may be living with pollutants, excessive dust, and pollen, bacteria, or mold in the air. Some clean air and duct cleaning services can prepare your home for the upcoming spring and summer as well.

Contact Us Today

If you want to prepare for the upcoming El Paso heat be sure to contact B&G Air Conditioning today. Whether you need an AC installation or some clean air services our technicians can help you prepare. We have been providing the El Paso community reliable, prompt service for over two decades. Our technicians offer a wide variety of HVAC services to help you and your family obtain the comfort you are looking for. Contact us today for more info.

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